What is a Sewer Scope and Why do I need one?

A sewer scope is a camera that is designed to enter a sewer pipe to look for defects. Sewer pipes cost approx between $200 and $400 per foot to replace, price depends on a variety of things like the land you are digging up (Concrete driveways cost more to replace than lawns). We recommend all older homes have a sewer scope, any home with cast iron sewer lines should be scoped as well as homes with large trees growing near the sewer line.

Why should I use Sooner Home Inspections to scope my Sewer Line?

Sewer Scope In use
Sewer Scope In Use

We are certified and trained through Internachi, We use only high end equipment and do not have a monetary interest in replacing your sewer line. You get an honest unbiased opinion on the condition of your sewer line.